HOUSTON, TX— A Canadian company’s quest to bring a robot sex brothel to the Bayou City has become mired in resistance. At the forefront of the push-back is Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, a staunch opponent of sexually oriented businesses. Elijah Rising, a local nonprofit organization whose focus it is to end sex trafficking, has also taken a stand against KinkySDolls opening the first robot-staffed brothel on American soil.

The business provides customers with a ‘try before you buy’ option, and allows them to play out their sexual fantasies with robot lovers at $120 per hour, Fox26 reported.

Yuval Graviel, of Toronto-based KinkySDolls, cheered the popularity of the sex robot brothel north of the U.S. border but vowed to wait until he had approval from the City of Houston before building.

However, code enforcement officials from the city discovered Thursday that Graviel had already started construction at a site on Richmond Avenue near Westheimer and the Galleria. Graviel failed to apply for a building permit, so code enforcement issued a stop work order, according to reports.

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Fox 26 reported that officials from Turner’s office issued the following statement:

"A representative from the business visited the Houston Permitting Center to apply for an occupancy inspection…Inspectors from the Building Code Enforcement team visited the site and noticed work had been done without a permit. A red tag (stop work order) was issued. The business will need to apply for a demolition permit and submit plans prior to continuing work."

The stop work order from code enforcement officials, as well as an order to tear down what has already been built, could quash Graviel’s sexually oriented business to Houston.

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